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Event Results

About once a year I actually get the time to do an event, so here's the results from them.


Shap Go Tri - 12th June

1st in 00:37:59 out of 24 competitors.

Swim Trans 1 Bike Trans 2 Run
18:44 - 18:47
3 min
18:47 - 18:50
3 min
18:50 - 19:10
20 min
19:11 - 19:11
0 min
19:11 - 19:23
12 min

Scottish Winter Swimming Championships - 9th March

For the 50m Headsup Breaststroke I came in at 1:00.56 and won in my age group and third male overall! 4th out of 33 swimmers overall.


Lakeland Orienteering Club - Night Urban 3 - Kendal Green

12th out of 30th competitors in a time of 45:01.

Lakeland Orienteering Club - Night Urban 1 - Kendal West

19th out of 30th competitors in a time of 57:32. Good fun in the dark streets of Kendal!

Potter the Fell

1st and it wasn't even a run!


Lakeland Lanequest #4 - Sizergh 27th June

210pts (out of 300) in a time of 1:58:00. Equal 24th along with 4 other riders, out of a total of 39 male solos. Wet condidtions, pot holes everywhere.

Tadpole Round - 6th June

A wet and windy SwimRun in 2:28:39


Damson Gin 5KM

Run Date Male Pos Event Pos Time
18/12/2016 5 5 (of 46) 28:04

Lakeland Lanequest #6 - Staveley 12th July

270pts (out of 300) in a time of 2:00:00. Equal 6th along with 7 other riders, out of a total of 42 male solos.

Le Tour de Staveley - 9th July

72.4 kilometres in 3:52:10, 110th on the long route out of 143 riders, 138th on the hill climb out of 143. Taking photographs along the way for Wheelbase!


Wineathlon Yorkshire

8.6 miles in 2:24:25, with a pre mini bottle of wine and four wine stops along the route.


Fell Foot 5km parkrun

Run Date Male Pos Event Pos Time
06/12/2014 23 24 (of 94) 23:26


Open5 :: Lake District :: April 7th 2013

475pts out of a possible 600, where 580 was the max score of the day.

20th out of 53 in the male solos. Time to get around: 4h 50m 38s
Competitors/Teams above my score: 33 = 27.0%
Competitors/Teams below my score: 89 = 72.9%


Nosebleed after Number cp19. Cramp just past cp18. Fell down the ice at the steps after cp16. Only a slight nav error before cp3, all nav went pretty well.
Missed 3 checkpoints on the Mountain Bike, may have been able to go and get #6
Distance Traveled: 39.60km
Time on Bike: 03:21:11


cp38 to cp36 was fun!. Mostly walked on the run as I can't really run well at all!
Missed 7 checkpoints on the Run
Distance Traveled: 7.94km
Time on Run: 01:17:30

Total Distance Traveled: 47.54km


107th out of 123rd @ 11:57 on the transition table, taking it easy!


The Christie - Manchester

Sept 2nd 2012 - 100km - 4:25

The Christie - Manchester to Blackpool

July 8th 2012 - 100km - 4:48


Sam Houghton Mountain Bike Challenge

Short Course - 3 hours 11 mins


Sam Houghton Mountain Bike Challenge

Short Course - 3 hours 5 mins


Mint Cake MTB Winter Trailquest League 04/05 Positions

I came 7th in class A. With a total number of 321 points. After attending 5 trailquests.

Mint Cake TQ - Yealand

2:02:39 coming in with 467 points. -3 penalty points.

Mint Cake TQ - Crosthwaite

2:55:19 coming in with 200 points.

Mint Cake TQ - Kirkby Lonsdale - Sun 27th February 05

7th out of 13 people. 349 points out of a possible 350 in 2:30:23. Overall a better day than I though could have been fitter then I would have done better.


Mint Cake TQ - Cartmel - 19th December 2004

13th out of 15 people. 160pts in 2:47:49. Overall I had a bad day, starting with leaving my dibber at the start! Then a wrong route, sun, missing a check point, then I gave up.

Mint Cake TQ - Oxenholme - 5th December 2004

5th in my class. I got 410pts, with 7 mins to spare! I could have got 20 more points with this!

TQ - Helwith Bridge - 14.11.04

2nd Overall. Ridden with Paul Allen. We got 266pts.

TQ - Grizedale - 17.10.04

2nd overall out of 185 people (35 in my category). Ridden as a pair with Paul Allen of Mint Cake MTB. We got 439pts in 3:30:03 hours.

TQ - Boltby - 25.9.04

23rd out of 35 people. For my first TQ. I got 260pts but in 2:17:13 hours I lost -70 pts so I got 190 points in total.

Grizedale Mountain Bike Challenge

I came 40th. Out of 248 people in 3:38:29. My number was 125.


Grizedale Mountain Bike Challenge

I came 74th. Out of 200ish people.


Duddon Estuary TQ

4:54:08 coming in with 260 points.