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Color Vibe Edinburgh

This event started for me early in the week before the event, planning mostly on how to get there and quite a bit of the logistics around how to photograph a colour run. With only photographing one colour run before and very recently too, it has provided much needed insight into how to do it, so I can guide others to keep their cameras safe and get great photos as well.

Initially the plan was to head all the way up to Edinburgh on the saturday but with the bus replacement service going on that didn’t work so well, instead heading up on the morning with another photographer seemed better. With this happening I stayed with some friends in their house.

Along with their house was the burnt down fortified manor house next door, still with walls and interesting features I like a little excited boy wanted to explore all of it! So we had a good walk around the castle, inside the cellars, around the mini maze and the rest of the gardens. So interesting to explore such a place, its definitely one to come back to and light paint when the stars are out!

HighHeadCastle Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

An early bed as its an early rise (5:50 agh). Myself and another photographer went for a walk around the course, lots of natural greens and wild garlic, even a mansion! Quickly after that I planned what everybody was doing for the next couple of hours shooting the runners. From there we headed to our spots, me choosing Blue, last time a hard one but it was bright so wasn’t too much of an issue thankfully this time.

James Kirby 0158 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

James Kirby 0367 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

James Kirby 0429 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

Shooting was interesting, lots of people in the space of just less than an hour, going to have to have a rethink on how to do it better next time. A few people jumping about, rolling around and lots more having a good time getting coloured! The girls at this area all covered in blue and really enjoying themselves with the music. The event finished a lot faster than any other event I’ve done in the past, which felt odd.

James Kirby 0817 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

James Kirby 1324 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

James Kirby 1863 Color Vibe Edinburgh © James Kirby

Once I had finished shooting I proceed to run through the blue paint myself and get a shot with the blue team, some fun but I don’t think ill do it again unless I run (walk) one event myself… blue is everywhere!

Efficiently downloading the photographed before everyone departed, then headed back home so they can be processed.

Getting the train home from Penrith it came in on the wrong station, only because it cant go past Penrith. In at Oxenholme with a 19 minute delay, yay sundays!

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