James Kirby - Adventure Sports Photographer and Web Site Designer based in Kendal, Cumbria

I am just going through the images your slide shots are superb... so tight as well as composed and exposed brilliantly - thank you.

Great Photos as ever Mr Kirby ... Looks like a fantastic day was had :-)
Open5 Pentland Hills, Competitor

You've managed to capture the event exactly. Tough, muddy, fun and beautiful location.
Open5 Pentland Hills, Competitor

To find a photographer who is passionate about the adventure sports and yet have the skill to put on to a photo the energy, passion and drive of the competitors is something held only by only a few.
Open Adventure

I just wanted to say thanks for your efforts, you've taken some amazing photo's, a couple of me which I shall be purchasing (just to prove I did it if nothing else!!).
Lakeland Trails Hawkshead, Competitor

Hi, Just saying thanks for the photos from Cartmel, came out really well!
Ultimate Trails Cartmel, Competitor

Thanks James as great as ever.

Amazing pics... Yet again .... Thanks James Kirby
MyTriEvents, Competitor

Brilliant photos! We can't wait to do it all again this year!
CancerCare Cross Bay Challenge

Great pics James 'Jumpy' Kirby, amazing backdrop!!!! Worth the wait!
Lakeland Trails Keswick, Competitor

Brilliant day, brilliant photos, thanks James Kirby
Lakeland Trails Keswick, Competitor

Best photo yet - actually smiling, with eyes open, and looking at the camera, all at the same time! Thank you x
Lakeland Trails Keswick, Competitor

Thank you for the superb photographs xxxx
Lakeland Trails Keswick, Competitor

Superb!! Great photos James of a cracking day!! Many thanks
Lakeland Trails Coniston Half Marathon, Competitor

Brilliant album James, caught the day!
Open5 Innerleithen, Competitor

Great set of pics James, fantastic light on the day too
Open5 Innerleithen, Competitor

If you want amazing photographs that capture the essence of your event then James is your man. He goes beyond what most will do; come rain or shine James will be there and do an amazing job. I cannot rate James's commitment and fantastic eye highly enough.

Exceedingly good photography :-)

Awesome pics as ever James
Kendal Winter League, Competitor

Thank you James, great photos :-)
The Skeleton Run, Competitor

Thank you....such a sexy photographer too... I'll keep his name in mind if I ever need any professional photos
The Skeleton Run, Competitor

Super pics!!! Not an easy task but u got loads of fab pics - thanks!!!!
The Skeleton Run, Competitor

Great photos. Lots of emotion in some of those faces!
Ultimate Trails, Competitor

Thanks to the photographer... He was lovely, great photos :)
Ultimate Trails, Competitor

What a great job you did again - that event must be a logistical nightmare for you!
Ultimate Trails, Competitor

Awesome images. Thanks James. It is great to share these with the kids and as they say a picture paints 1000 words.
Ultimate Trails, Competitor

Those pics of later finishers are incredible. What better endorsement for completing a trail ultra
Ultimate Trails, Competitor

Thanks James, these are wonderful, some real arty stuff in there too (I believe that's the correct technical term ; ) wonderful mate, cheers
Dean Barwick MTB Challenge

Thanks James for a race pic of me that I actually like :) Love the backdrop!
Whinlatter 5, Competitor

Tri Windermere Pic's - Simply Stunning.....